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The Black Crown Project was a rather large work of interactive fiction about archiving, curating and researching the belongings, souvenirs and correspondence of a long-dead tourist. Despite what many people have said, there was not much more to it than that.

The Project was funded, edited and published by Random House UK (now Penguin Random House), and the technical aspects were developed and hosted by Failbetter Games and Popleaf GamesI wrote, designed, painted and implemented much of the narrative and its mechanics.

It was in active development between late 2011 and late 2013, with new episodes of the main narrative being released every few months. It was still live until the last months of 2014, when it was taken offline for a variety of very good reasons. The copyright was initially held by Random House itself, though it has since reverted in full to me. In the last six months I have managed to gather up most of the dissembled nonsense into which the Project had fallen, pruning it from the various different servers where it was slowly bitrotting.

It wasn't, and isn't, in any fit state to merely rehost. Many of the proprietary technologies that it relied upon no longer exist. While I do (now) have the technical ability to redevelop the project myself, I have neither the inclination, mental hygiene nor the time to do so. However I did not want all that hard work, by myself and many others, to merely unpick itself into a scramble. I have no interest in trying to make any further money from the Project; I never made much in the first place, and I think that the Project itself is allergic to monetisation. To that end, this entire archive is being released for libre non-commercial use by anybody, anywhere, to any degree.