A downloadable game for Windows

    An average (but finished)
    cultural heritage shmup

  • You are a complete and utter Saucerberk.
  • Your ship, due to a quirk of transmitted technological memetics, is in the shape of a computer mouse, so please use one for a full NUI experience.
  • The ancient hulks, wrecks and debris fields of long-decided space battles are the galaxy's best treasures, delighting tourists, donors and grieving families alike.
  • An alien species has spread, like algae or graffiti, amongst these preserved, sacrosanct places.
  • Conserve them into oblivion, while avoiding the many* dangers of these far-flung corners of space.
  • Gossamer-thick veneers of pathos.
  • Sheer iotas of story.


  • A small game that I made to teach myself things like arrays, trigonometry, debugging and finishing.
  • Started as a tutorial project using Tom Francis' excellent 'Make A Game With No Experience' video series.
  • Built with Gamemaker: Studio, bfxr.net, and MS Paint.
  • All criticisms in an email, please.
  • Divide the carcass amongst yourselves on Github.

* (3)


saucerberks- 5 MB


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it says its running but it wont do anything else itch just says its running

Hello; are you running this from the downloaded .exe? Feel free to send me an email (admin@bonfiredog.co.uk) with more details.

Good job dude, good luck on your future games.

Thanks very much!